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Prof. Dr. Leef Dierks on European Banking Union:
The Journal on Business and Economics in Times of Crisis is going to publish Prof. Dr. Leef Dierks' paper on a highly current topic in the upcoming issue of the journal. Read this paper already here today.

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Welcome to the Journal of Business and Economics of Times of Crisis!

As today’s world is trying to recover from the recent crises, economic policy makers are struggling, smart companies are taking advantage of post-crisis growth opportunities, and financial analysts try to see through the dust, while experts warn about new bubbles that could lead to the next crisis. Academia is exploring the background of the most recent crisis while trying to determine many answers, such as why some companies were more affected by the crisis than others, even though they might have been operating in the same industry. What have companies done well during the crisis? And what have economic policy makers done well or poorly in the crisis? How can companies and governments prepare for a future crisis?

Those are just a few of the questions that can be asked in the context of crises. But all those questions have in common the desire to find solutions to help minimize the negative impact that potential future crises have on people and their lives. We hope that our journal contributes useful insights from the world of academic research to help people make wise decisions in the future that are not only based on intuition but also on tangible research.


Christian Wolf
Journal of Business and Economics in Times of Crisis